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Mass Layoffs Hit Leftist News, Huffington Post and Buzzfeed

The Progressive Police of Virtue and Vice

Native Activists Lied, Media Covered For Them in MAGA Incident

The Truth About "MAGA Kids" And The Native Americans

Native American mocked by 'MAGA' hat-wearing teens speaks out

We now have a 2 hour raw recording of the MAGA kids incident.

We can see

No chanting "build the wall" as far as I saw
Native group approaches about an hour after the kids were already there
"Black Activists" are Black Hebrew Israelites yelling Fagg** — Tim Pool (@Timcast) January 20, 2019

Remember when the media lost their minds over these two people harassing a 71 year old Trump supporter?

I don’t. — Caleb Hull (@CalebJHull) January 20, 2019

No Deal Cheered on Question Time

The Best Men Can Be: An Autopsy

Tommy Robinson, Count Dankula, LOSE Monetization On Youtube

YouTube Just Demonetized My Entire Channel

The Tampon String Enthusiast of British Columbia

Subscribestar gives an update

Gillette: The Best an Incel Can Get

Joe Rogan on the Gillette Toxic Masculinity Commercial

Professor Who Exposed Feminist Ideology In Colleges May Be Fired

Critiquing the APA's Guidelines for Male-Based Services (THE SAAD TRUTH_...

What They're Not Telling You About the Yellow Vests

Yellow Vests Protests Escalate, Present Serious Threat To Macron and the EU

Interview with the grievance studies hoaxers

The Nazi Word

An Open Message to Portland State University Regarding Pete Boghossian's...

MasterCard Is The Final Boss (#PatreonPurge)

Joe Rogan Experience #1221 - Jonathan Haidt

Patreon Purge: PayPal & MasterCard Collusion?

Hate speech algorithm

Targeted Report Harassment Got My Instagram Banned...

Calls for Louis CK to be banned for his 'offensive' jokes have demonstrated the role of comedy at the front line of the battle against the authoritarian censors.

Change the terms

The censorious movement that claims to be in opposition to the subjectively defined term 'hate speech' has a home on the internet called Change the Terms. One of the founders is the SPLC.

Sargon's take on Patreon's actions

It's important to have a record of Sargon's own views on his Patreon banning here.

Goodbye to Patreon

Patron's unilateral banning of Sargon of Akkad, coupled with the strong indication that they were pressured to do so by credit card companies, has taken the battle to protect freedom of speech and the autonomy of the individual to the next level. So it seems like a good time to chronicle the latest stories concerning free speech, due process, democratic accountability and objective truth.